Watch & Key Fob Battery Replacement

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Watch Battery Replacement

When you watch not working properly or stopped working completely, the most likely cause may be a dead battery. The first step is to see if the battery needs to be replaced. Most watch batteries are designed to last about two years, but some quartz watches are designed to have extended battery life and batteries for these watches can last up to three or more years. If you buy a battery online and try to change it yourself, you might damage your watch. Besides causing potential damage, by opening the watch yourself, you might void the warranty on your watch. Moreover, it also runs the risk of damaging the watch case using inadequate tools. To replace the battery in your watch, we recommend you always visit an electronic store that provides watch battery replacement services.

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Key Fob Battery Replacement

Almost no new cars come without a remote locking system that comes as a key fob, or remote transmitter, that you can attach to your key ring. As technology improves, Key Fob comes with many new features. The key fob has buttons that allow you to lock or unlock all of your doors, open the trunk or hatch door, or activate a panic alarm which sounds the vehicle horn on and off. The key fob is powered by a small battery that over time will weaken, which will shorten the operating distance that you have become accustomed to when using your remote. Changing the battery in your remote transmitter will restore it to its former usefulness.

We Stock Batteries for Watches and Key Fobs

We replace watch batteries and maintain a fresh supply of all popular battery sizes for most make and model watches. Our watch technicians at Techville in Oakville have the right replacement batteries and proper equipment to replace the battery in your watch, saving you time & money. We can replace the batteries from hundreds of watch manufacturers in minutes. Our technicians, being specialists in handling all makes and models of watches, even discontinued ones, can help you change your watch battery safely.   We stock most common types of replacement batteries for your watches from hundreds of manufactures. We also carry all types and sizes of key fob battery replacements. To maintain maximum range, manufacturers recommend key fob battery replacements every 2 years

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