Apple Mac Repairs

Has your Mac taken a tumble down the stairs, or maybe your toddler has mistaken it for a frisbee? 

Here at Techville we have great team of experienced computer techs ready to fix anything you throw at them (please don’t throw anything at them).

Our warehouse has a large number of Apple parts, which means you get your Mac back before you can say “Return of the Mack” !



Mac Pro

Here is just a sample of the usual devices we repair every day

  • Hardware Repairs and Assessments

This includes component level repairs such as graphic chip replacements. We can also handle the easier stuff. Hard Drives replacements, Keyboards replacements, LCD displays, Glass, Power Supplies, Batteries and a whole lot more.

  • Hardware upgrades

to speed up your machine, increase its storage capacity or to improve its running performance.

  • Software fixes

including operating system faults, bugs, email errors and application failures.

  • Safe and reliable data transfers

from old to new machines, or simple data backups for piece of mind. Protect those precious photos, audio masterpieces and multi-layered image composites.

  • Rapid Repair VIP Service

for a small additional fee we can start to work on your machine as soon as it enters our workshop, making you and your machine a VIP.

  • Liquid damage repairs

Has your machine gone for a swim? We have a liquid repair service to bring the machine back to life. At the very least we can get your precious data onto something more reliable.