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Installed a game and now your PC won’t run? Did a DIY attempt on your PC turn disastrous? As part of the 19.2 million gamers in Canada, does your PC refuse to come back to life after installing too many games?

Of course, your next move then would be to go to a computer repair company.

Looking for the best repair shop for your computer could be difficult. Unless you own a Mac computer, you wouldn’t know where to go, how much it could cost, how long the repairs could take, et cetera.

Well, don’t worry. We’re here to give you guidance on that. Read on below for some tips and steps on how to find the best computer repair business.

Search for a Local Computer Repair Company

Before you decide on one, look around first. Don’t feel assured by the computer repair shop you always pass by on the way home. Knowing about them and knowing about how good they are are two different things.

Visit the store and browse around. Observe the technicians. Do they seem knowledgeable and professional?

You could also learn a lot from the customers who pick up or drop off their computers for repairs. Do they seem satisfied? Did they return for the good service or because of a bad one?

If they don’t seem to deliver, go out and find a new place. Repeat the process until you find the best there is. There’s bound to be better computer repair companies out there.

There were over 10,577 employees in the computer repair and maintenance industry in Canada alone.

If you are looking for a rush job, then all the more you should be meticulous. Don’t decide to go with the repair shop closest to your workplace for convenience. If they turned out to be a bad choice, it would be a waste of your time and money.

Look For High Customer Satisfaction

How do you find out a computer repair business near you is any good? You look at reviews. A long list of satisfied clients means great service at a reasonable price.

Don’t get fooled by ads. Even if a computer repair shop near your place has a lot of big ads, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Don’t get fooled by the company’s own testimonials either.

Listen to what other customers have to say about them first. You can do this by looking up their reviews on the Internet. Another tip is to look at reviews on the repair services on Yelp or other similar sites.

If the shop doesn’t have an online presence, do a bit of reconnaissance. We hinted at this in the first step. Go to their store and listen in on what customers have to say about their business.

If you know anybody who has had their computer fixed in a repair company, talk to them. Ask them about how the service is. You can also ask them if they would come back to the shop if their computers ever needed fixing again.

It’s like deciding on which movie to watch or game to play. You look up reviews before you invest your time and money on it.

Pay for the Right Rates

Quality computer repair services don’t come cheap. Computer technicians might charge you big for something that might look easy to fix. Some computer specialists could overcharge.

If you’ve gone through steps 1 and 2, chances are you’ve found a trusted repair company. If people come back to a computer store for repairs, they aren’t doing it because it’s cheap. They should be doing it because it delivers on its word and does it well.

How do you know you are paying them the right amount? First, you have to know what needs repairing. If you do, then looking up online forums is a good way to canvass for prices.

If you don’t know the problem, you can take your computer to several shops. This way, you get a general feel of the price range. If the prices are close to one another, then all you have to do is decide which one you’ll go to.

Depending on what needs repairing, the prices will differ. For example, screen repairs for your laptop could range from $200 to $400. Rather than a per problem basis, technicians might also charge per hour.

You can also see in customer reviews how satisfied they were with the rates of a computer shop. When you go online to look up the reviews and ratings, don’t forget to take note of the rates as well.

Get a Guarantee

When you bought your computer brand new, you should have a guarantee for it. It’s the same with computer repairs. They should come with a guarantee.

A trustworthy computer specialist is confident in his work. If a computer technician puts a guarantee on his services, it should be of quality. This is how you weed out the good computer repair companies from the bad ones.

However, be wary if their insurances come up short. It could mean that they hadn’t done enough work at all. A way to see if they fixed the problem at all is to get a second opinion from a different computer technician.

Accessibility Matters

If you’re running a business, a broken computer could mean lost sales. You will want to get your PC or laptop fixed as soon as possible. The problem is not all computer repair companies provide around-the-clock support.

If you live in a rural area, chances are there would only be a few computer repair shops available for you. You’d have to make do with what you’ve got. Or you could go to the next town for more opportunities.

Some repair companies offer to fix your computer when you send it to them. For example, you could send your Mac computer over to an Apple store for repairs. Do note that you should take precautions before you send your PC for repairs.

You can also call for home repair services if it is available in your area. That way you forgo having to haul your computer to the repair shop. This is helpful if you have little knowledge with the wire connections.

Get Your Computer Fixed

That’s our quick guide to finding the best computer repair company for you. We hope it helped. Let us know how it went by contacting us.

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