When we reformat a computer we erase everything that is on the drive. Therefore, it is very important to back up anything you might want later. Take a moment to think of anything that you have on the computer that you wouldn’t want to lose. Generally, you probably want everything n your My Documents folder, and you also want to save things like your Favorites or bookmarks from your web browser.

What we can do


  1. we will back up your data
  2. reformat your PC with Windows CD
  3. install the driver from the maker Website
  4. download the Microsoft Security updates
  5. return the Dara back as it was before
Operating Systems we install, setup, and upgrade
  • Windows XP – Home / PRO and 64bit
  • Windows Vista home, home premium, 64bit and ultimate versions
  • Windows 7 – all versions
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 98,SE
  • Windows CE
  • Windows Me
  • Windows Server 2003 – 2010
  • Apple – Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Red Hat
  • Ubuntu